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Product Info

Hoofcount Automatic Footbath

The hoofcount footbath counts the cows through the bath and refreshes the water and chemical after a preset number of cows.

The optimum for most baths is between 150 Р200 cows.  After this point the concentration of faeces and chemical within the water seriously deteriorates the effectiveness of the footbath.

Each cycle of the hoofcount from emptying to refilling takes up to 3 minutes with a pumped water supply, enabling the smooth flow of cow traffic.

Chemical is added via hi flow peristaltic pumps and a further blast of water ensures an effective mix of chemical.

Unique design of the drain ensures that the unit completely and quickly empties and cleans all faeces ready for the next set of cows.


Hoofcount SA

Automatic control system for your existing footbath.

Hoofcount SA can be used to fill your footbath with water and chemical at the touch of a button.

‘A step in the right direction’




Strength in Design

Bespoke Design - Each Bath is made to fit your specific requirements.

Anti slip

An anti slip rubber floor is standard to ensure speedy and safe cow flow through the bath.

Double chemical Pump

As an optional extra 2 pumps can be fitted to allow the same chemical at different strengths or 2 different chemicals

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